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France is famous for many things: art, viticulture, fashion, music, history, and of course, food. Since the country found its feet in the 14th century, its people have employed a devout approach to driving its culinary offerings forward, creating rich, stimulating dishes that echo the country’s illustrious culture and heritage.

Our luxurious Space-Ships Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire are undergoing refurbishment for the 2017 season. One of the most exciting new elements of these ships will be the exclusive Scenic Culinaire experience. Scenic has transformed one of the on board dining venues into a private cooking emporium offering tailored cooking classes.

These unique gastronomy classes give you the skills and knowledge to create wonderful French dishes in a charming, stress-free environment. As part of our monthly ‘In the Know’ series, we’re taking a closer look at Scenic Culinaire, showcasing the wonderful experiences that await aboard our beautiful French Space-Ships.  

Scenic Culinaire — A World of Flavour Awaits

Supervised by our expert French chefs, you’ll immerse yourself in the boundless delights of French gastronomy over a series of exclusive cookery classes, learning new skills and forming lasting friendships along the way. 

Each Culinaire course begins with an exploration of local food and produce markets, where you’ll pick up fresh ingredients to use back in the kitchen. With the help of our experienced chefs, you’ll select gastronomic elements that yield delicious results — perfectly imitating the timeless fare of the region you’re floating through.

Once you’ve stocked up on the necessities of your favourite French dish, it’s back to the ship to piece this mouth-watering puzzle together. Assigned your very own private cooking station, and under the careful supervision of our chefs, you’ll discover how to recreate classic French dishes at a pace that suits you — what better way to experience the enduring cuisine of this wonderful country? 

From the decadent pastries of Bordeaux to the achingly good seafood of the Arcachon Coast, the scope of Scenic Culinaire means you’ll cook up classic dishes from across the country. Our skilled chefs are keen to transport you on a culinary journey that rouses the senses, taking their passion for French food and using it to create inspiring cookery classes you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

Experience Scenic Culinaire 

If the opportunity to rustle up a plate of authentic French fare has set your mouth-watering, our luxury river cruises in France afford the ideal opportunity to partake in these wonderful cookery classes. Here, we showcase four individual river tours whose destinations are prime for a spot of culinary creation. 

Bordeaux Affair

Beginning and ending in the exquisite heritage city of Bordeaux, our Bordeaux Affair river cruise transports you through France’s undisputed winemaking heartland; taking in the charming pockets of country which flank the banks of the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde. 

Floating atop these ancient waterways for 8 days, you’ll explore a myriad of cultural highlights, from Roquetaillade Castle to the age-old commune of Libourne, sampling the region’s preeminent viticulture along the way. 

Upon your return to Bordeaux, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore the city’s bountiful produce markets as part of the Scenic Culinaire experience, before returning to your Space-Ship to whip up a culinary storm. Given Bordeaux’s reputation for delectable pastries, we hope you’ve got a sweet tooth. 

Our Bordeaux affair river cruise starts at £2,195pp. Click here to find out more

South of France

Conveying you on the graceful waters of the Rhône between Chalon-sur-Saone and Tarascon, our South of France cruise marries pastoral beauty with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun — affording a blissfully lazy travel experience awash with unforgettable moments of culture and intrigue. 

Like the Gironde region enveloping Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley is celebrated for its fruitful wine production, not to mention its effortlessly charming riverside townships. During this 13 day voyage, you’ll explore a plethora of amiable destinations, from the cobblestones of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to the exquisite La Camarque National Park, drinking in the region’s illustrious heritage as you go. 

In terms of gastronomic discovery, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Lyon. Cited as the culinary capital of France, Lyon is at the forefront of haute cuisine. During your time in the city, you’ll be given the opportunity to visit the prestigious Paul Bocuse Culinary School, where France’s top chefs hone their craft. Under the watchful eye of one of the school’s experienced tutors, you’ll perfect the art of French cookery, before sampling a selection of the school’s finest culinary output. 

Our South of France river cruise starts at £3,745pp. Click here to find out more.  

Idyllic Rhône

Explore the enchanting history and culture of the Rhône with this 8-day cruise itinerary from Tarascon to Chalon-sur-Saone. Conveying you between a handful of France’s most charming townships, you’ll encounter some of the region’s best loved sights atop this charming waterway — from Avignon’s Pope Palace to the Notre Dame Basilica of Lyon. 

On day five of this unforgettable Rhône river cruise itinerary, you’ll be given the opportunity to partake in a Scenic Culinaire masterclass as your Space-Ship makes gentle progress towards France’s culinary capital, Lyon. 

Using ingredients sourced from the fruitful street markets of Vienne, learn how to rustle up some of the country’s favourite fare, before relaxing with a glass of the region’s finest wine to savour your culinary creations. 

Our Idyllic Rhône river cruise starts at £1,695pp. Click here to find out more

Beautiful Bordeaux

Centred around the wonderfully historic city of Bordeaux, our Beautiful Bordeaux river cruise provides the ideal opportunity to experience the cultural delights of the Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde rivers. 

Cruising from Bordeaux on an 11-day itinerary, you’ll savour the chance to sample some of the Gironde’s region’s finest wines, as well as its many architectural wonders. Upon returning to Bordeaux on the tenth day of your journey, you can enjoy a special ‘shop with a chef’ experience amid the city’s numerous markets and speciality food stores, before returning to your Space-Ship to take advantage of the region’s larder of delicious ingredients — including delicious Arcachon oysters. 

Our Beautiful Bordeaux river cruise starts at £2,645pp. Click here to find out more. 

Placing fine food at the heart of our 5-star luxury travel offering, Scenic are proud to serve authentic cuisine which faithfully emulates the gastronomy of each and every destination we cruise to. To find out more, visit the homepage or call us today on 0808 252 5111. 

Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura is Scenic's Digital Marketing Exec. She loves travel; her first river cruise was on the Danube, and she fell in love with Budapest at first sight. In her free time, Laura is usually reading, travel blogging, or planning her next adventure.