What Makes Our Escorted Tours so Special?

We’ve put together a selection of luxurious escorted tours to destinations around the world. To prove just how incredible our escorted tours are, here we list but a few of the reasons our global trips are so uniquely special.

Everything is Taken Care of For You

At Scenic, our complete service centres around making sure your journey is as carefree as you could ever wish. From the moment you reserve your place on one of our luxury escorted tours, everything is taken care of, from flights and transfers to luxury hotel reservations and even outbound stopovers. We really do go to The Nth Degree to ensure your journey is hassle-free and unforgettable, so you can enjoy absolute comfort and peace of mind during the countdown to your departure.

Extensive Local Knowledge

No matter where you journey as part of a Scenic escorted tour, you’ll savour a range of truly enriching experiences thanks to our extensive knowledge of worldwide cultures and civilisations. Established in Australia nigh on 30 years ago, Scenic are proud of our home-grown expertise and local knowledge, and this is something which extends to every destination to which we offer luxury tours. From unique, handcrafted itineraries to exclusive excursions and trips, you’ll feel the benefit of our time-honed experience in providing the world’s finest escorted tours.

Personal & Exclusive

Choose to travel the world with Scenic, and you’ll enjoy the perks of our personal and exclusive service. Each of our luxury escorted tours is limited to just 48 guests, meaning you’ll benefit from a truly intimate and individual experience. During your journey, you’ll be designated a local representative and a Scenic Tour Director, on hand throughout your trip to help solve any and all issues you may encounter. We’ll personally greet you at every leg of your journey, so you needn’t worry about a thing.

Flexible Travel

Unlike other tour operators, we won’t tether you to a particular itinerary when travelling to and from your destination. Our return flights are completely flexible, and can be tailored to your individual requirements. We only fly with the most reputable airlines, and provide efficient transfers that work around your schedule. And for those unable to fly from London Heathrow or Manchester, we even provide regional transfers from airport to airport, all at no additional cost to you.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Marrying extensive local knowledge to handcrafted itineraries, our luxury-escorted tours provide unforgettable moments at every turn. Our expert Journey Designers attentively develop each of our tours, so you’re guaranteed complete enrichment at every stage of your expedition. Fully-inclusive, our unique excursions and trips take you behind the scenes to witness experiences not accessible to the ordinary traveller. From rare visits to the heart of indigenous cultures to magical dinners amid stunning natural surroundings, our escorted tours afford once-in-a-lifetime memories you’ll treasure for all your days.

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Nichola Absalom
Nichola Absalom
Nichola is Scenic’s Head of Marketing with a passion for anything travel related. Overseeing all of the travel portfolio for Scenic in the UK, her long career in the industry has meant she has visited many of the world’s most wonderful countries but says a journey on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht will undoubtedly be one of her travel highlights. Her other passion is animals and her little rescue dog makes sure she explores the countryside on her doorstep.