Events Along Europe's Rivers in 2017

Winding through the heart of some of the continent’s most enriching destinations, the rivers of Europe offer a seamless way to access the extraordinary cultural events which take place on the banks of these great waterways throughout the year.

Join Scenic for a luxury river cruise on the Rhine, Main and Danube in 2017, and you can enjoy a host of wonderful experiences that are sure to make your time on the rivers of Europe even more special. We’ve selected a few of our favourite events happening along the continent’s riverbanks in 2017, so you can make the most of each day you spend on land.

Keukenhof Gardens

Enjoy a luxury Rhine river cruise in spring 2017, and look forward to visiting the prestigious Keukenhof Gardens, the so-called ‘garden of Europe’. Situated near the town of Lisse in the Netherlands, this is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, with over seven million bulbs set to bloom this springtime. The garden is globally renowned for its tulip collection, and this year over 800 varieties are expected to be on display, both within the gardens and in the colourful fields which surround it.

keukenkof gardens

With over 32 hectares of beautiful blooms to enjoy, as well as a collection of inspirational flower shows and art exhibitions; a visit to Keukenhof Gardens is a wonderful way to spend the day as part of a luxury Rhine river cruise. In 2017, the gardens are open from 23 March to 21 May, giving you only a limited time to savour the beauty of this world-renowned attraction.

Itinerary — Dutch Sights & Belgian Delights

8 May from £1,720 per person

Tastes of Oktoberfest

Germany’s annual Oktoberfest has become a legendary event since its creation in the 19th century, a celebration of Bavarian customs and traditions, as well as German food and beer. Spanning 16-18 days, this globally-renowned folk festival now welcomes over six million visitors each year to the historic ‘Theresa’s Meadow’ site, making it one of the world’s largest festivals and travelling fairs.

oktober fest

The 184th Munich Oktoberfest will take place from 16 September to 3 October this year, but if you can’t make it to the event, there are other ways to revel in the spirit of the festival. Join Scenic on the waters of the Rhine, and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in Scenic’s special Tastes of Oktoberfest event. With joyous oom-pah-pah music, delicious local food and an abundance of fine German beers, you can sample the fun and frolics of the festival whilst discovering more about Bavarian culture and traditions.

Itinerary — Jewels of Europe

From £2,495 per person

Regensburg at Christmas

The historic towns and cities which line the banks of the Rhine are enchanting at any time of year, but their charm is only enhanced at Christmastime, when strings of festive lights and decorations cover the medieval shop fronts and timber-frame houses. Regensburg is a particularly festive highlight during Advent, with the cobblestone streets and ancient squares of the city’s World Heritage-Listed centre providing a truly magical backdrop.

Regensburg at Christmas

Germany takes its Christmas markets seriously, and this is no different in Regensburg, with the city’s famous Christkindlmarkt being named the ‘loveliest’ in the country. Discover the city’s medieval character by day, before delving into its wonderful market as evening falls — a truly magical festive experience, and one you’ll surely never forget.

Itinerary — Christmas Wonderland

14 December from £4,840 per person

Prague Fringe Festival 2017

Taking inspiration from Edinburgh’s annual comedy event, the Prague Fringe Festival has grown to become one of the most diverse and exciting arts, culture and music festivals on the continent — with a myriad of unique artists and performers taking to the stage at venues across the city. This year’s event takes place from Friday 26 May to Saturday 3 June, and features a vast programme of events for you to enjoy, many of which are presented in English.

Prague Fringe Festival

If you’re interested in attending the Prague Fringe Festival 2017, why not travel to the event in style on board a luxury Scenic Space-Ship? As part of our Gems of the Danube with Prague itinerary, you’ll spend three days discovering the unique character of this beautiful old city, giving you ample time to enjoy a day at the Fringe.

Itinerary — Gems of the Danube with Prague

28 May from £3,170 per person

Danube Carnival

The Danube Carnival is one of the most unique cultural events taking place on the banks of the Danube in 2017, a musical celebration of Hungary’s traditions and customs, as well as its multicultural spirit. Taking place amid the majestic splendour of Budapest from June 10-18, the 21st Danube Carnival promises a fun-filled experience brimming with music, dance and cultural enrichment, where thousands of people take to the Danube’s illustrious riverbanks to celebrate the cultural diversity of Europe.

Danube Carnival

If the food, drink and festivities of the Danube Carnival sound too good to miss, why not join Scenic for a luxury river cruise on the Danube? Our Space-Ships cruise to the very heart of Budapest, allowing you to discover the sights and sounds of the so-called Queen of the Danube in absolute luxury and style.

Itinerary — Gems of the Danube

12 June from £2,420 per person

This is but a small handful of the special events and experiences you can look forward to when travelling the rivers of Europe with Scenic. For more information on our collection of luxury river cruises, visit the homepage or call us on 0808 115 1496.

Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura is Scenic's Digital Marketing Exec. She loves travel; her first river cruise was on the Danube, and she fell in love with Budapest at first sight. In her free time, Laura is usually reading, travel blogging, or planning her next adventure.