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Scenic Eclipse Progress Report

April 12, 2019 – We are very pleased to report that build progress in all areas of Scenic Eclipse has been moving along well.

We did have to deal with a week long shipyard workers’ strike that took place at the end of March, resulting in a near halt to work onboard. Although this strike did not involve any of the workers assigned to Scenic Eclipse, it did cause a delay in some commissioning and other works onboard as most of our sub contractors were prevented from boarding the ship.

To make up for this short interruption, we have extended shifts during the week and increased weekend workers capacity in order to regain lost time and are currently at full production. We are confident the build schedule will progress as planned and Scenic Eclipse will launch on time.

All mechanical systems are complete with commissioning progressing well. All four main engines have been fully load tested and the ship is now operating under its own power. The highly efficient ABB Azipod propulsion system commissioning is progressing well with starboard pod providing thrust in harbor testing.

Scenic Eclipse’s first sea trial is planned for the end of May and further updates will be given at that time.

Scenic Eclipse April 2019 

April 2019 photo of Scenic Eclipse and its seven-seat submarine, Scenic Neptune, at Uljanik Shipyard.