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5 free things to do in Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is renowned for being one of the best cities in the world for flawless river cruises and if you are in the city as part of a river cruise or on a short break then this list of free things to do should be monitored closely.


The article on the Guardian says that there are a plethora of great independent galleries that are free to attend.

KochxBos, a small museum that focuses on colourful artwork, and Radar, a museum that specialises in urban art and architecture, are worth a visit.


Amsterdam is no different to other major cities in the world in that it has a whole host of superb free markets.

Some of the best markets in Amsterdam are the Waterlooplein flea market, which sells a host of antiques and clothes, and the Bloemenmarkt, which is a beautiful flower market.

There are a variety of other free markets in Amsterdam that are worth a visit and if you are heading to the city on one of the perfect European river cruises that commonly head through Amsterdam then you should try to visit a few different ones.

Visit the City archive

The Stadsarchief, or the Amsterdam City Archives as it is known, is another place that is free to visit.

The Stadsarchief offers visitors great insight into the history of Amsterdam and the permanent exhibitions at this museum include a huge number of amazing artefacts, such as a police report about Anne Frank’s bike being stolen.

Vrije University’s botanical garden

If you love gardening and flowers then the 6,000 plus species of plants in this relatively small botanical garden will amaze you.

The majority of the plants at the Vrije University are rare ones that are not seen anywhere else in the Netherlands.

Free music concerts

Both the Concertegebouw and Bimhuis jazz venues offer visitors free performances to check out. Free classical performances take place at Concertegebouw every week on a Wednesday afternoon and free jazz concerts take place every month on a Monday at the Bimhuis jazz venue.

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