8 reasons why Lyon should be visited over Paris

Lyon is known as France’s second city after Paris, but an article on CNN gives eight points why Lyon outshines the French capital.

Lyon and Paris are both well-known for their boutique river cruises that drop anchor in the city, but Lyon, according to CNN, is better for river cruises as it has two rivers compared to Paris’ one.


Both the Rhone and Saone also flow through the centre of Lyon.

2. Wine

Paris does not produce any wine of its own, whilst Lyon has several makes. This is down to the city being the gateway to the Beaujolais viticultural region, which is renowned for producing white and red wines.

3.Notre Dames

Paris has the Notre Dame cathedral, but Lyon has the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which is seen by many in France as a more beautiful church.

4.Outdoor music

Lyon puts on a number of summer music festivals and while it does not have the modern venues of the French capital, it does offer a number of outdoor concerts in its Roman amphitheatre.


Paris is renowned for its incredible cuisine, but the CNN article states that Lyon’s is better. This is down to the quality of Michelin star restaurants that Lyon is home to.


Paris does not have any large green spaces near the city centre, whilst Lyon has the Parc de la Tete d’Or, which is 117 hectares of green space.

7.Roman history

Lyon was a more important city to the Romans than Paris and this is shown through Lyon’s impressive amphitheatre and public baths.

8.Cinematic history

Lyon was the home of Auguste and Louis Lumiere, who are both credited with creating the first film camera in 1892. The city pays tribute to them with a museum telling their story.

Image Credit: Peter Broster (flickr.com)