A few of America's finest natural wonders

A land of great contrast, America is a stunning nation that visitors will be enthralled by on a trip that they will cherish forever.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is uniquely famous and instantly recognisable as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Known as arguably the world's most stunning spot at which to witness the sun rising and setting, this awe-inspiring site is admired by countless people every year, all of whom are eager to see this amazing natural phenomenon up close. Boasting a rich human history and a diverse variety of plants and wildlife, the Grand Canyon stands as a truly unique attraction.

Whilst the canyon is an example of unspoilt surroundings at their absolute finest, San Francisco Bay shows how man and nature can interact to create an area of equal beauty. Recently designated as an official Wetland of International Importance, the estuary is spanned by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and offers those who spend time there an extraordinary view of the hugely popular city of San Francisco beyond its crystal clear waters. A great destination for budding sailors, the bay is sixty miles long in total and represents an oasis of tranquillity in an otherwise constantly bustling corner of America.

Journeying from Los Angeles to San Diego, meanwhile, will introduce you to an incredible selection of natural wonders that will leave you completely enamoured with the scenic qualities of the state of California. On the banks of the mighty Pacific, California is home to an impressive number of lagoons and canyons which act as the perfect foil for buzzing nearby metropolises such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Image credit: YoTuT (flickr.com)