Alice Springs prepares for the Camel Cup

The annual event takes place on Saturday 12th July at Blatherskite Park in Alice Spring and organisers are expecting a bumper crowd of 5,000 this year to turn out for the event.

As well as the Camel Cup being popular with Australians, this year’s event is expected to also attract people on opulent Australia tours and other travellers who are in the region.

“Fantastic viewing for spectators”

The race is known as the Lasseters Camel Cup and people from across the world descend on Alice Springs during the race to see the camels compete against each other.

On the Camel Cup website it says that the race offers “fantastic viewing for spectators” and throughout the day there will be nine camel races.

One of the other main races is the honeymoon handicap where camels start with their “new husband”, but then halfway around the track the camel then has to pick up their new bride and race to the finishing line.

Organisers have also revealed that between the nine races there will be an array of other types of entertainment that the crowds can enjoy. Activities such as belly dancing, rickshaw races, a camel race for children and a Mr and Miss Camel Cup competition will also be part of the day-long event.

Adding to the carnival atmosphere will be bars and the array of food stalls selling local and international foods.

The thousands of spectators that are expected to turn out for the event are also asked to wear Kentucky Derby-style hats, which adds even more fun to the event.

Tickets for the 2014 Camel Cup are priced at $17 Australian for adults, whilst children aged 12 and under are allowed into the event for free.

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