American magazine praises ‘artistic Amsterdam’

A lengthy article has been published in the Texas-based San Antonio Magazine, outlining the many highlights of ‘artistic Amsterdam’.

Unusually, this generous article focuses on both the ‘man-made and natural beauty’ that is present throughout the Dutch capital, heaping an equal amount of praise on the beautiful scenery that enlivens the city and the classic works of art that can be viewed in Amsterdam’s many museums.

The piece, composed by the freelance travel and lifestyle writer Becca Hensley, begins with a bold claim – that if Vincent van Gogh, who only achieved prominence after relocating to the south of France, had ‘seen the Keukenhof gardens in April…he would have stayed in Holland to paint their astonishing display’.

The chance to take a trip to these gardens, which Hensley describes as ‘a carpet of blooming tulips, just less than 30 miles from Amsterdam’, is just one of the many reasons to visit the city in the article, which can be read by following the link at the bottom of this page.

‘The Vatican of the art world’

Unsurprisingly, the iconic Rijksmuseum – which the article notes has only recently reopened after a decade-long closure for renovation – is also put under the spotlight by Hensley, who venerates the site as ‘the Vatican of the art world’, praising its ‘grand, commodious’ new setup and its unrivalled collection of masterpieces by the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The Anne Frank Museum, the Red Light District, the seemingly endless bicycles and even Gouda cheese are all held up as further fine examples of Amsterdam’s diverse and truly artistic heritage, with the writer of this piece clearly in no doubt that the Dutch capital is among the most rewarding destinations to visit in the world.

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Source: Artistic Amsterdam