Antwerp museum stores paintings before restoration

Just as the recent renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam saw a number of masterpieces be transferred into storage, the same happened last week at the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Art. The large and iconic Baroque masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens were put into storage last week to be kept safe for the four years of restoration work that is about to commence.

Five of his oversized works of art are being put into storage, including the well-known ‘Baptism of Christ’ which stands at 4.11m x 6.75m. Just as there was a great deal of anticipation surrounding the recent return of Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ to the Rijksmuseum, many are sure to look forward to the return of Rubens’ masterpieces to Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Art in four years’ time.

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