Australia Day preparations begin

People travelling in the country on 26th January will be able to enjoy all the attractions the nation usually offers but will also have the added bonus of being able to participate in the array of activities currently being prepared for Australia Day, which will make every trip taken there at this time feel like the ultimate Australian tour.

Here, we take you through some of the best events that are in the pipeline.

Fireworks on the foreshore

Perth will be hosting the “City of Perth Skyworks” event for the 30th year in 2014. The celebration is thought by many to be the largest community event held anywhere in the country on Australia Day.

The day will include an ‘Entertainment Zone’ which will host a motor cross show and other entertaining activities before the main event, the Skyworks show itself, takes place.

The Skyworks show will see hundreds of fireworks let off, in a similar vein to what is seen in Sydney on New Year’s Eve, which will synchronise with music being played.

The Ferrython

The Ferrython in Sydney is a hugely popular event which sees Sydney’s First Fleet ferries line up and race from the iconic Opera House, around Shark Island, and to the finishing line under the city’s famous Harbour Bridge.

The free-to-attend event is perfect for visitors who want to snack on a picnic whilst watching one of the country’s most memorable Australia Day events.

Australia Day Parade

The Australia Day Parade on Swanston Street in Melbourne is one of the very best Australia Day activities.

The parade is lively and vibrant, representing over 80 organisations from across the city. If you like a celebration with plenty of music and dancing, then the Australia Day Parade will be perfect for you.

The event also gives visitors an insight into the wide-ranging cultures and fascinating history of this magnificent country.

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