Australia Discovers Worth of ‘Blockbuster’ Tourism

Figures from Tourism Research Australia, a body that investigates spending habits and visitor numbers across Australia, has found that ‘blockbuster’ pieces, which are famous pieces of artwork or historical artefacts, can act as a big draw for a region, and people are willing to travel for exhibitions they feel are worth the journey. With the report showing that it’s not just the attractions themselves that benefit, but nearby businesses too, it’s likely to result in a new push throughout the country to bring in crowds with these big name displays. One entitled ‘Renaissance’ at the National Gallery of Australia, showing off work from a variety of renaissance painters, has been particularly popular. Our Australia tours take you to some of the best cities in the country, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit museums or galleries for yourself during the days we allow for you to discover each destination on your own. Image Credit: jason ilagan (via Mushroom and Rooster) (