Baccarat Crystal celebrates 250th anniversary with Paris exhibition

In order to celebrate the craftsmanship of this prestigious brand, Baccarat will be hosting a variety of events and special releases throughout the next 12 months. The first of these will begin on 5th January with a special exhibition being held in Paris’ Petit Palais, with more than 500 masterpieces by the company’s artisans on display, and can be visited by those on river Seine cruise. There will also be a selection of collections from Nancy, in Lorraine, where the factory is now located.

“Rare for a brand today to trace back 250 years of continuous history”

The business began with a glass-making factory in the village of Baccarat in Lorraine in Eastern France, where it initially produced glass and mirrors. This was followed by crystal in 1816, with its first royal commission completed in 1823 with a service of crystal glasses created for Louis XVIII. This is said to have begun the fashion for glasses of different sizes for certain drinks, such as water, red wine, white wine and champagne.

From then on, the brand acquired a number high profile clients, such as global royalty, heads of state and celebrities, which helped to achieve the status the company is renowned for today.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary further, Baccarat has created a 27 foot tall and 4.6 metre wide chandelier, which has 26,500 crystals and weighs 1.8 tons. There will also be a special perfume line released called Rouge 540, and this refers to the temperature in Celsius required for 24-carat gold dust to become the ruby-red colour Baccarat is famed for.

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