Beach Party: Parisian Style

Paris Plage on the Seine

For many travelling to France, when it comes to enjoying the beach, most think of the southern Mediterranean coast for their holiday. But later this month, you can settle into a beach chair and enjoy some sun bathing in the heart of Paris.

Starting from 20 July, over two miles of the right bank of the Seine will be converted into a beach holiday destination. Complete with deck chairs, white sands, water sports and sand castles, the Paris Plage should not be missed. Lay out with a good book and a cold drink to enjoy Paris in the summertime.

The main part of Paris Plage is between the Pont Neuf and Pont de Sully bridges. Much of the area will be covered in sand, where people can relax and sun bathe. There will be a section facing the Hôtel de Ville, or City Hall, where most of the beach activities such as volleyball, basketball and rugby will take place. The Bassin de la Villette, in the north of the city, will be home to all of the water sports and other activities.

There will be sandcastle competitions, playgrounds for children and a field for pétanque – similar to lawn bowls or bocce. Also to celebrate the summer, there will be a special art gallery, a dance floor, tai chi lessons and cooling stations with water fountains and sprinklers.

The water sports scheduled include row boats, pedal boats, electric boats and zip lines. There are also live concerts to enjoy.

The event is a unique celebration of the river. A popular thoroughfare for river cruises in France, much of the banks of the Seine are closed to vehicles during the summer. They are opened up to pedestrians to explore and enjoy the river. Either riding on a public bicycle or by foot, the great summer experience of Paris Plage should not be missed.

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