Belgian Post Office issues chocolate flavour stamp

The special stamps are being issued by the Belgian Post Office next year in honour of one of the country’s greatest delicacies. When licked, the heat-sensitive ink will taste, and smell, of the cocoa-based treat. Although the lick-able stamps seem to be something out of a certain Roald Dahl book, they are just one example of the special stamps that the Belgian Post Office is releasing. Other collections include a glow in the dark range which will promote road safety, and another heat sensitive ink collection which will reveal a picture associated with Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute. Johnny Thijs, CEO of the Belgian Post Office, is very excited for the upcoming release of these stamps, saying that they showcase the “sense of modernity and innovation” in Belgium. Anyone enjoying river cruises in Europe next year should make sure to look out for the tasty stamps and make sure to have a lick.