Bob Dylan to tour Australia

The highlight of the whole tour is expected to be his first-ever performance at the Sydney Opera House, where thousands of local residents and people on Australia tours vacations are expected to welcome the American singer-songwriter.

Bob Dylan will start his tour at the Riverside Theatre in Perth from August 13-14 and will then play in Melbourne from August 18-20, Brisbane on August 25, Canberra on August 29 and Adelaide on August 31, before ending his tour in Sydney at the State Theatre on September 3-5 and the Sydney Opera House on September 7.

Tickets have been snapped up

Tour organisers said that they felt tickets for all of Bob Dylan’s gigs would sell out fast and especially tickets for the gig at the Sydney Opera House and they were right.

Tickets for Bob Dylan’s gig at Sydney’s State Theatre Show, which went on sale on June 3rd, have already sold out whilst tickets for the musicians Melbourne gigs have very nearly sold out.

Tickets for the Sydney Opera House gig do not go on sale until July 4th but again organisers for the show are expecting tickets to sell out really fast.

Dylan, now 73 years of age, has had a number of worldwide chart topping hits during his career as well as a number of songs that were dubbed protest anthems against events that occurred across the US and the world.

In his tour Bob Dylan is expected to play a number of his major hits including songs such as “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” and “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

To find out the latest news from this upcoming concert or to read more about the incredible Bob Dylan, visit his website here.

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