Brachiosaurus model set up outside Queensland Museum

The giant baby Brachiosaurus, which has been built to scientific specifications, stands at 10 metres tall, and weighs 1.3 tonnes. With the aid of heavy machinery, the four-part dinosaur still took more than four hours to be put together, and is made from rubber and silicone. Even though it was erected before the hours of dawn, the model attracted much attention, and is only hoped to be a sign of things to come for the complete exhibition.

A preview of the exhibition which is due to open soon

The dinosaur is set to be on display until October, for the duration of the upcoming exhibition, Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous. Opening at the end of March, those in Brisbane on tours of Australia can visit the museum, and witness 20 life-sized animated dinosaurs. Each of the dinosaur’s made for the exhibition have been created by hand, and are all based on scientific fact.

This prehistoric herbivore dinosaur in particular was one of the largest to have existed, and could originally be found in North America over 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period. It is thought that adult Brachiosaurus’ could measure up to 26 metres high, and weigh up to 45 tonnes, making the new addition to the Queensland Museum just a fraction of the size. Currently, the baby Brachiosaurus is unnamed, although the museum is seeking name suggestions from those active on social media.

Alongside the baby Brachiosaurus, visitors to the museum will be also be able to view a large T-Rex and lesser knowns dinosaurs, as well as real fossils. Those hoping to visit can catch the exhibition from March 27th until October 5th.

Image Credit: Andy Hay (