Bruges' best chocolate shops

It is a good idea to have a plan of things to do in Bruges when visiting for a day as part of a river cruise in Europe, they also offer a wide selection of little chocolates, cakes and waffles.

The Old Chocolate Shop has impressed so many people that it has been voted the number one shop in Bruges, according to TripAdvisor reviews for The Old Chocolate House, with hundreds of people enjoying the chance to taste one of the finest examples of Bruges chocolate.

The Chocolate Museum

The Bruges Chocolate Museum is also known as Choco-story and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Visitors can discover the history of chocolate here, and the museum has plenty of artefacts to take a look at as well as a demonstration of how to make pralines. There are a number of tastings to enjoy as well, so although the Bruges Chocolate Museum is primarily an attraction there is still delicious chocolate to try! Whilst the museum shop does sell chocolate, it is worth buying chocolate at one of the above shops, as it will be of much better quality.

Image credit: Deyan Georgiev (Shutterstock)