Cat café opens in New York

Meow Parlour is located in Soho in Manhattan and offers visitors, such as those on tours of the USA in New York, the unique opportunity to relax in an environment that is also home to a number of cats. Sweet treats such as cat-shaped macarons and linzer cookies can be purchased across the road in the Meow Parlour Patisserie and consumed in the cat café while conversing with friends, reading a book, using a laptop or simply coming along to interact with the felines.

The parlour is currently home to eight cats, although this is likely to increase to twelve in the coming months. These include felines such as Marty, Squinkles and Spot, who each have their own photo on the wall with a description of their personalities. The secondary aim of the café is to help the cats become adopted, as those visiting can see them acting naturally in a playful environment before choosing to take them home.

Escape the busy New York City lifestyle for feline cuddles

People are invited to spend time with the kittens and cats for a small price of $4 every 30 minutes, with visitors able to spend a maximum of five hours in the cafe. Those entering will be asked to take off shoes and use hand sanitisers before choosing their cat of choice.

The phenomenon first became popular in Japan, but has since seen a number open in a variety of different countries across the world, including America and the UK. The cat café in San Francisco was the first to open in America and has since had more than 50 adoptions.

The café can hold up to 30 people and is currently open for appointments only. Meow Parlour is fully booked until February, but it is hoped that walk-in customers will be welcomed early in the New Year, although cancellations may also become available.

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