Chinese PM reveals new bridge in Belgrade

The Chinese built bridge was opened by the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic during a ceremony which celebrated the building of the first bridge to cross the Danube in Belgrade for 79 years. The bridge is also the first major infrastructure in Europe to have been built by the Chinese.

A symbol of friendship between two countries

Officially named after the great Serbian scientist and investor Mihajlo Pupin, the Pupin Bridge has also become known as the ‘Zemun-Borca’ or ‘Chinese Bridge’, and is one that can be seen by those on luxury river cruises in Europe. China has currently invested billions of Euros in Hungary and Serbia, and the most recent one and a half billion Euros deal will see the construction of the high-speed bullet train, which will help to speed up the delivery of Chinese exports.

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