Croatia to invest $9 billion into tourism

The tourism experience in Croatia could soon get even better as ministers announced that they would be investing $9 billion in tourism.

Tourism minister Veljko Ostojic has announced that they aim to be included in the world's top 20 list of attractive holiday destinations, and part of achieving this aim will see the government invest $9 billion in the country's tourism industry by 2020.

Croatia has already seen tourism success in 2012 as 12 million tourists travelled to the country, and more is expected for 2013 as people continue to be attracted by its beautiful Adriatic coastline and scenery found along the River Danube. Tourism officials in Croatia hope that by 2020 even more people should be choosing to visit the country on holiday.

Croatia is already a great destination for a holiday in Europe, offering wonderful weather, beautiful scenery and fascinating culture to any and all who visit it.

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