Culinary inspiration from Chef Tom Götter: New creations in the making…

Dining on board Scenic Eclipse promises to be a sensory delight. The team of expert chefs carefully curate dishes inspired by all four corners of the globe, letting you savour a diverse plethora of flavours. You will have the choice of 10 dining experiences, from fine dining à la carte menus and exclusive invitation-only venues, to casual dining and light bites throughout the day.
At the head of our expert Culinary Team is Executive Chef, Tom Götter. Responsible for developing the menus and culinary inspiration across all of Scenic Eclipse’s luxurious dining spaces, you can rest assured that there will always be something unique or unusual, eloquently executed, thanks to Tom’s experienced culinary craft. 

On board The World’s First Discovery Yacht™, there’s no better way to delight in the clockwork precision of Chef Tom’s German heritage than at the exclusive ‘by invitation only’ degustation dining experience, Chef’s Table. The pinnacle of dining innovation, the outstanding culinary creations at Chef’s Table will be a highlight of your dining experience on board Scenic Eclipse.

Experimentation knows no limits when it comes to the kitchen. We spoke to Tom to discover his recent culinary experiments from his own home. We invite you to go behind-the-scenes for an exclusive peek at some of the newest concepts and creations the Scenic Eclipse Executive Chef has been working on. It’s safe to say, as soon as Scenic Eclipse sets sail again you will be wowed by the next level of extraordinary dining.

The Mushroom: A Seasonal Creation

The dining menus on board Scenic Eclipse are crafted with exquisite detail to showcase not only the authentic flavours of the regions you travel through, but also the very best produce available with the changing seasons. For one of Chef Tom’s newest creations, the time of year was a crucial inspiration.

“Currently, you can find two main mushrooms in Germany that you don’t see for very long in the year – the chanterelles and the ceps. These two outstanding mushrooms have a very unique flavour to tempt your palate.”

To create this aesthetical dish, Tom experimented with ways of bringing both mushrooms together to complement one another. “I’ve had the idea of ‘building’ a mushroom out of mushrooms for a while now. I couldn’t decide which of the two mushrooms to use so I tried with both. I made two separate mushroom mousses, one out of the ceps mushroom and a much stronger flavoured mousse out of the chanterelles. To ensemble the creation, one mousse became the stump of the mushroom and the other the head. I added a very intense mushroom crème for the side.”

When crafting menus on board a ship, it is vital to closely monitor the supply of produce and push the boundaries of cooking, to ensure ingredients are used creatively and that food wastage is kept to a minimum. Our team of chefs on board Scenic Eclipse spend at least an hour a day monitoring the food fridges to check produce is always fresh. 

“Whenever I cook, I try to not have any waste, so I used the trimmings of both mushrooms to dehydrate into mushroom dust. I have beautiful gooseberries growing in my garden and found that when they are lightly pickled, they are the perfect accompaniment to the dish. To adorn the rest of the dish, I used some roasted crushed pistachios and semi dry sec cherry tomatoes – the fruit really elevates the dish. To plate the dish, we used a real ‘slice’ of a tree from my brother’s garden. We shaved the wood several times and made the surface nice and flat. This delivers a truly sensory experience – the feeling of being in the trees, and then, most importantly, the dish smells like a woodland forest when you go to eat it.”

The Octopus: A New Take on the Mediterranean Way

When it comes to dining on board Scenic Eclipse, we love to surprise you. As well as an abundance of classic dishes to indulge on, our team of chefs work closely together to craft flavour combinations and cooking methods that are far from ordinary. Chef Tom particularly loves to reinvent time-tested recipes to give them his own unique spin.

“This octopus dish was purely one that was created as I went along. Everybody is familiar with octopus the Mediterranean way, so I was trying to create a dish with octopus in a new way. I slow-cooked the octopus for several hours (at least 8 hours) until tender. Personally, I love to use smoked and intense flavours when it comes to octopus dishes.

“I made a walnut and bell pepper crème sauce. I didn’t actually use any cream, but created a base of olive oil combined with bread; this was added to the crème sauce later to keep it as light as possible. To add a crunch to the dish, I used puffed amaranth lightly spiced with harissa.
“I love combining soft poached eggs with dishes. In the process of making them for this octopus dish, a few broke so I separated the egg yolk from the egg white. I used a cold smoker on the egg yolk to create a smoked flavour. After grilling the octopus on charcoal, I brushed it with the smoked egg yolk for an aromatic flavour. This way, the amaranth could stick to the octopus, allowing for a light smoky taste.

“I used small peppers grown in my own garden and champagne-pickled to add a subtle tangy acidic flavour to the dish. Roasted hazelnuts on the side bring that rich nutty taste. Due to these flavour combinations, the dish didn’t really need a sauce. By cutting the poached egg, the fresh egg yolk combined with the smoked egg yolk on the octopus. And, with the added pepper crème, it tastes simply delicious!”

Dining On Board Scenic Eclipse

Dining promises to be a highlight of your incredible journey with Scenic Eclipse. With a choice of up to 10 dining experiences, you will be able to discover exceptional cuisine every single day. Interested in joining us on an adventure to Antarctica? Read our earlier blog where Chef Tom discusses running a kitchen in the most remote place on Earth. Looking for more culinary inspiration? Discover Chef Tom’s favourite dishes, from miso cod to mushroom ceviche.