Eiffel Tower goes green with two wind turbines

Going relatively unnoticed, two wind turbines, LED lighting and solar panels have been fitted to the iconic structure in its first major upgrade for almost 30 years. This is part of the city’s Climate Plan, which hopes to reduce Paris’ ecological footprint, and comes not long before the November Paris climate summit.

The twin wind turbines were custom-built in order to make sure that they were well hidden within the tower, as not to make an eyesore of the landmark, which was built in 1889. With the help of US energy firm Urban Green Energy International, the small vertical-axis turbines are now installed at 120 metres above ground level and have been designed and painted to blend in with the ironwork.

The Eiffel Tower has finally arrived in the era of green energy

The construction work began almost two years ago and has now been completed, with the turbines placed at an optimum height to harness wind force from all directions. Between the two they are now expected to produce 10,000kWh of power per year, which is enough to supply the commercial areas on the first floor of the tower, where visitors on a luxury France river cruise can experience the transparent floor, souvenir shop and 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant.

LED lighting, a rainwater collection system and 10 square metres of solar panels have also been added to the tower, which should be able to heat approximately 50 per cent of the water needed in the two pavilions. The eco-renovations have been completed in what is hoped to be a move, which will mean a more sustainable future for both the building and the city.

Image Credit: gckwolfe (Flickr.com)