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Emerald Waterways: Scenic Tours' new cruise line

Emerald Waterways is the brand new river cruise line from Scenic Tours and in an article from The Telegraph, which can be read by clicking on the link below, managing director Chris Townson described Emerald Waterways as a "predatory product" that will offer river cruises that challenge current providers of four-star river cruises.

Scenic Tours' river cruises are known for offering a truly all-inclusive experience, and although Emerald Waterways will be offering a slightly less inclusive "four-star deluxe" experience, they are still offering a "better product at a lower price" in comparison to their rivals.

The Emerald Sky and the Emerald Star will be cruising along the Danube, Rhine and Moselle rivers in 2014, two brand new ships that will offer more cabin space than competitors, a pool with retractable roof that can be converted into an onboard cinema and complimentary mini-bars.

More information on the brand new Emerald Waterways cruise line can be read in The Telegraph's article, including a demonstration of how much those occupying the top-suites can save by choosing Emerald Waterways over competitors.

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