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Enrich your experience with The Sound of Music

Salzburg, Austria

To celebrate 50 years of The Sound of the Music, Scenic will offer guests in 2016 an opportunity to experience the music and excitement in the story’s Alpine location. Whilst enjoying a stopover trip as they cruise down the Danube, the ‘Best of The Sound of Music and Salzburg Show’ will entertain everyone.

Launched as part of certain Europe river cruising excursions, this exclusive experience will include a production of the musical performed in the same location where some of the film was shot. In Salzburg, there will be an exclusive musical performance by the Salzburg Orchestra and Classic Art Vienna.

Scenic’s Journey Designers work very hard to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their cruise guests. A key mission is to capture the local spirit of the journey’s many unique destinations. Aleisha Fittler, Scenic’s General Manager for Product Development, said the idea for the show was to create something that guests from all over the world would appreciate. They are looking forward to the final outcome.

“We wanted to offer a varied program with different local instruments and professional artists in combination with the world famous musical pieces from the film,” Fittler said.

Premiered in 1965, the film version of the musical starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer has captivated audiences around the world. Set in Austria during the late 1930s, the Salzburg Music Festival plays a key role in the story. Near the German border, Salzburg is best known as the birthplace of Mozart. The city is renowned for its mixture of baroque and medieval architecture.

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