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Festival dos Oceanos celebrates Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

As the summer hits its peak, Lisbon will gather to celebrate its greatest asset with the Festival dos Oceanos. In honour of the city’s connection to the Atlantic Ocean, the festival brings together history, music, food and Portuguese culture.

Held from 30 July to 13 August, thousands of visitors and residents alike will gather on Lisbon’s amazing Tagus riverfront as it opens to the ocean. One of the biggest summer events in Portugal, this two-week festival offers a different ocean-inspired good time.

There are a number of free events for all ages, including cultural events, live concerts, street performers and even fireworks from Belém to Parque das Nações. To capture the historical nature of the event, many Lisbon museums are also open in the evenings as part of this major event.

The festival is in full action day and night. Attracting more than 300,000 each year, most events are free and celebrations can be found all over the city. The first Festival of the Ocean was held in 1999. The festival was created to promote cultural events during the summer – a time of great weather and beauty, but in the off-peak tourist season. The event has proven to be more than a success, and has helped to make Lisbon a prime destination in late July. As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a common start point for extended tours and river cruises throughout the country, especially on the River Douro.

The Oceans Festival event is based in the three areas of Centro Histórico, Belém and Parque das Nações. With all its historic sites, Centro Histórico is said to resemble the soul of Lisbon. Belém, or Bethelem, is the city’s cultural heart with a multitude of museums. Part of Lisbon’s modern revival, the Natio Parque das Nações is supposed to play the role of modern Lisbon and has some of the best tourist facilities in the city.

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