France is world’s most popular holiday destination

Movehub, a website that helps people move abroad, conducted a study which looked into the number of visitors a country annually receives and it showed that France is the most popular with holidaymakers. 

France is renowned for its stunning river cruises as well as boasting an array of attractions.

France is so popular that it receives on an annual basis nearly 20 million more visitors than runner-up the USA, which is approximately 15 times the size of France.

The USA receives over 62 million visitors, whilst China comes behind the US in third with over 57 million visitors, Spain with over 56 million and Italy with over 46 million holidaymakers every year.

Just outside of the top five were Turkey, which annually receives over 34 million visitors, and the UK, which sees over 29 million people visit the country every single year.

Making up the top 20 were Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Austria, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Canada, Poland and Marcao SAR.

The figures from 2013 are set to differ from the coming year’s figures as unrest in the likes of Ukraine is set to see the number of visitors going to that country dramatically reduce, although the likes of France, the USA, Austria and the UK are all expected to again feature highly in next year’s research.

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