Giants set to open Perth International Arts Festival

The enormous giants created by the French outdoor arts event company Royal de Luxe, will be paraded through the streets of Perth as part of the city’s largest public arts spectacle in history. Both puppets will be used to tell a modern-day myth, and will be accompanied by up to 100 artists and volunteers, in order to tell a story which includes elements of Aboriginal culture and Anzac history.

The Diver Giant and Little Girl Giant stand at 11 metres and 6 metres respectively, and are expected to attract more than one million people during the three days that they will be touring the city. People hoping to watch the show, including those on escorted tours of Australia in Perth, are advised to take public transport or walk where possible. Audiences will be able to both walk along with the Giants, or pick a spot along the route while they pass.

“No two days are the same and there are surprises along the way”

Earlier this week it was announced that the $5.5 million performance route would include stretches such as St George’s Terrace, and Beaufort Street, which will conclude in Langley Park at the end of each day. Then, on the Sunday in a three hour finale, the Giants will be loaded onto a special boat, which will sail along the Swan River.

Although never seen before in Australia, the giants have performed to more than 10 million people in various cities across the world previously, including Liverpool during a World War I centenary show. The artistic director Jean-Luc Courcoult and his team have been said to be practicing at a secret location in order to preserve the surprise opening for the Perth International Arts Festival.

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