Golden Ford Fiesta back at Cologne City Museum

The golden, winged Ford Fiesta that has become a recognisable feature of Cologne's landscape has returned after being restored. The golden car has been a unique and much-loved sculpture in the German city for many years, and it normally sits atop the tower of Cologne City Museum with the famous Cologne Cathedral in the background. It has been absent from its usual spot for the last 5 months in order for essential restoration to be completed, and now it has been reinstalled to once again add a bit of quirkiness to Cologne's range of landmarks. Designed by German artist HA Schult, the golden, winged car is a tribute to car company Ford, a major employer in the city. As just one of the interesting cultural masterpieces of Cologne, and a prime example of old and new existing side by side, it is sure to continue to be a favourite with both locals and visitors for years to come. Image Credit: Thomas Robbin (