Grand finale of Brisbane Festival this weekend

The box office smash, which saw ticket sales up 60% on the previous year, will celebrate the last day of the three-week festival with a spectacular firework show. Using more than 16 tonnes of fireworks and lasting for 22 minutes, this pyrotechnic extravaganza will be the perfect ending to this successful festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year including those on tours with Scenic Tours are advised to get there early in order to beat the crowds and secure yourself a prime spot for watching the evening’s spectacle. The weather forecast is set to be relatively clear with a few showers expected.

Earlier in the evening, a variety of aerial displays will be gracing the city’s skyline, with performances from the Super Hornets and Helicopters. There will also be up to 80 Light Horsemen crossing the Story Bridge in order to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of when they left Queensland to fight in World War I.

Artistic director Noel Staunton said that he will be ‘going out with a bang’ as this year is his last involvement with the Brisbane Festival. The fireworks will be released along to a carefully compiled soundtrack, which will include a selection of Beatles songs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of when the band visited Sydney.

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