Great Barrier Reef resort a step closer

The licence will only be granted if the state and national government of Australia give the green light to the proposed Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, which is set to cost $8.5 billion Australian.

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular stop-off on many five-star Australian tours and now a new resort located by the Great Barrier Reef has been proposed for national and international visitors to stay at and visit.

Project has divided opinion

Some people feel that the new development could be a great project for North Queensland and attract more international visitors, while some feel it could ruin an area that is known for its natural beauty.

A writer for the Sydney Morning Herald feels that there is no reason for the development to be built near the Great Barrier Reef.

In her article she says, “If we really must have another one of these developments, does it have to be in a low-key, nature-based tourism destination such as northern Queensland?”

A number of studies conducted by Tourism Australia also suggest that people prefer to travel to Australia to see its natural beauty, such as the Great Barrier Reef, its national parks and rainforests.

People that are for the development are pointing towards the thousands of part-time and permanent jobs that the project will create in the local area, as well as the huge rise in income that will come from international holidaymakers visiting the area.

The proposed resort would have eight hotels, two casinos, an artificial lake and island, a golf course, shops, theatres and an aquarium as part of its makeup.

The development, which still has to get approval from a number of authorities, will be approximately 13 kilometres away from Cairns.

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