Great white pelicans spotted migrating to Danube

Ivaylo Ivanov, member of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, told listeners of Radio FOCUS that he and many others had seen large number of great white pelicans migrating towards the Danube River in Bulgaria. He described it as a "natural phenomenon" for early April as the birds generally do not build nests in this area.

Instead, he believes that the birds are likely to be stopping for food and rest before continuing on their long migration from North or Central Africa to the delta of the Danube River in Romania and Ukraine. There the pelicans will breed, adding to the diverse ecological system that is supported and sustained by the Danube.

This example of wildlife existing along the Danube is just one of the many fascinating things that can be discovered on a river cruise along this great waterway of Europe.

Image Credit: don_macauley (