Heat wave hits San Francisco

Visitors to the Bay Area on indulgent USA tours and local residents have this week witnessed hot weather records fall across the region.

A band of high pressure has seen temperatures soar to 90F in most locations across San Francisco, according to the USA’s National Weather Service. This temperature broke the previous record of 80F that was set way back in 1927.

Hot weather records across the region beaten

It was not just San Francisco that experienced record-breaking hot weather as at Moffett Field in Mountain View temperatures reached 91F, which is the joint hottest weather ever recorded in the area, and further down south at Monterey airport temperatures reached 89F and in Salinas it reached a toasty 94F.

The hottest temperature recorded nearby was in San Jose as temperatures hit 97F. But, this temperature is not expected to be the highest in the region as in the coming days forecasters are expecting the city of Gilroy to break through the triple digit barrier with experts stating the area could see temperatures of 101F.

Local weather forecaster, Diana Henderson, said, "We're looking at fried grapes on the vine.

"Even going to the coast won't provide any real relief."

The warm temperatures around the San Francisco region are greeted with joy by most but some weather forecasters are warning people to put plenty of sun tan lotion on, keep young children covered up and to keep themselves hydrated during the warm weather spell.

This hot weather is expected to last at least until the weekend, while some other forecasters are even saying it will last well into next week.

Normal seasonal temperatures for San Francisco are expected to return by at least the end of next week.

Image Credit: Michael Theis (flickr.com)

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