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How to see celebrities in Beverly Hills

For those who don’t see the allure of making like the paparazzi, celebrity spotting in Beverly Hills does also lead visitors to some of the best locations and sights in the whole of America, and can form the basis of a perfect itinerary for your stay.


Firstly, it is important to note that not all LA celebrities live in Beverly Hills; many will instead stay in a top hotel whilst they are on media trips to the area or filming.

One of these prime locations is the best USA tours available include a stay at this luxury hotspot, which is highly recommended as, in addition to its celebrity status, is perfectly situated for exploring Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.


There are also a number of exquisite restaurants close to this prestigious hotel which are known for being frequented by the rich and famous of Beverly Hills.

The Ivy is one such famous hangout of the stars, located on the equally renowned Robertson Boulevard, where the paparazzi seem to take up permanent residence. You can expect prices to match the glamour when dining here, but doing so will certainly make for a memorable experience during any visit to North America.

Other local restaurants which are notable for their celebrity clientele include the mouth-watering Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, TOAST on 3rd Street and Nobu, which is slightly further out on the Pacific Coast Highway; it’s worth making the journey to visit this eatery, though - if you’re lucky, you might catch George Clooney with a pair of chopsticks, as Nobu is known to be one of his favourites!

The best part about looking out for celebrities at these restaurants is that, even if you don’t see any of your favourite personalities there, sampling some fine cuisine fit for famous taste buds is still a great way to see Beverly Hills.

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In addition to the wealth of superb restaurants and luxury accommodation, there are numerous other celebrity hotspots dotted around the area - it is the setting and namesake of popular TV hits like Beverly Hills 90210, after all.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sure-fire place to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity and, although the award ceremonies always attract an immense crowd, walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard on any normal day can be just as exciting.

Celebrity sightings are also possible at Runyon Canyon Park, which makes for a great day out in itself, regardless of any sightings you may make of celebs walking their prized pooches, whilst the popular Kitson clothing shop regularly kits out the likes of Christina Aguilera.

If, after hitting all these celebrity magnets in Beverly Hills, you are yet to see anyone who has graced the big screen, all is not lost, as you will still have experienced the very best of Los Angeles and sampled the daily life of the stars. To finish off a tour of the city, be sure to take a snap of the iconic Hollywood sign.

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