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The most unusual museums in Europe

Although not as well known, they still offer a fantastic experience, and specialise in a number of weird and wonderful subjects. Catering for food lovers right through to those interested in the human body, there are a whole host of unusual museums waiting to be discovered during a river cruise holiday in Europe. Here’s our guide to the best worth considering.

The Medieval Crime and Justice Museum

Located in Rothenberg, the Medieval Crime and Justice Museum houses Germany’s most important collection of legal history, and takes visitors on a journey through criminal punishment from the Middle Ages until present day. Discover previous methods used for torture, corporal punishments and death penalties, as well as viewing rare law books, documents and seals. Although not for the squeamish, this fascinating museum is sure to interest those with an interest in law and order, as well as medieval history.

“As Europe’s most important museum of legal history we welcome every year between 100,000 and 200,000 guests, many of them from English speaking countries such as the UK, Commonwealth countries and USA. For that reason almost every exhibit in the museum is explained in the English language and we also offer guided tours in English.”