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News > June 2015 > Traditional souvenirs to pick up in Europe

Traditional souvenirs to pick up in Europe

Traditional souvenirs in Europe

While trips across Europe sadly have to end at some point, you can always bring home memories of your adventure in the form of souvenirs.

Some people may think that buying souvenirs are a bit cheesy, but it is a great way to remember your holiday across Europe or to remember a city that you visited during your trip.

Here we guide you through some of the best souvenirs that you could pick up on your travels.

Delft Pottery

Delft Pottery

Amsterdam is regarded as one of the best cities in Europe to visit as it has a number of attractions such as the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum that holidaymakers can visit.

If you are looking for a souvenir to pick-up that is synonymous with Holland in general then you should purchase some Delft Pottery.

Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw is the oldest family owned Delft pottery and in fact each piece of pottery is unique in style and in colour and is hand painted by experienced painters.

Delft Potter painter at work

The World of Delft Blue, which is located in Mint Tower in Amsterdam, offers personal guided tours, free of charge and there is a showroom and shop with a wide range of authentic Delft. It is even possible to paint tiles as part of Delft’s workshops.

Erpet Bohemia Crystal

Erpet Bohemia Crystal vase

Another great city in Europe is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and if you are looking to remember this city by purchasing a souvenir then the famous glassworks by Erpet Bohemia Crystal should be at the top of your shopping list.

The world-renowned Erpet Bohemia Crystal store is located right in the heart of Prague and is just opposite the famous Old Town Astronomical Clock.

The store being open from 10am-11pm every day makes it easy for holidaymakers who are on a day trip in the city or others on a lengthier holiday to browse through the iconic glass that Erpet Bohemia Crystal creates.

Set of horse glasses from Erpet Bohemia Crystal

Glass vases, bowl sets, jewellery, crystal chandeliers and gold plated crystal are just some of the souvenirs that you can purchase from the store.

Herend porcelain

Herend porcelain

The River Danube dissects Budapest and if the Hungarian capital is on your itinerary then after exploring this stunning city you should get some porcelain from Herend.

Herend is in the forefront of world porcelain making and is now the world’s largest maker of porcelain by traditional methods.

This hand-made porcelain is of luxury quality and its Chinese-style flower and butterfly pattern dinner service décor was actually hallmarked by Queen Victoria. This quality is one of the reasons why Herend’s porcelain is sold in around 60 countries and has customers such as the British Royal Family, Elton John, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Celine Dion, Harrison Ford, Mika Häkkinen, Lewis Hamilton and Eva Longoria.

A 45-piece dinner set from Herend was also given to Prince William and Kate Middleton as an official gift from Hungary for their wedding in 2011.

Herend clock

There is no better place to buy your Herend porcelain than the home of the company, but visitors looking to purchase some porcelain will have their work cut out as there are about 16,000 shapes and 4,000 patterns to choose from!

Steiff Bears

Steiff Classic teddy bear

Famed for its invention of the teddy bear in 1902, heritage German manufacturer Steiff is the only toy brand in the world with its very own fabric mill.

Each season, Steiff teddy bears are dressed in all manner of fabulous plush furs, from soft and silky alpaca to lustrous, sleek mohair, which means that no matter what time of the year you visit Cologne or other parts of Germany, you will be able to get a bear that fits in with the season of your trip.

While Steiff is synonymous with teddy bears, the toy story began 135 years ago when a young seamstress stitched a small elephant from humble felt. Designed as a pincushion, founder Margarete Steiff’s elephant marked the birth of the soft toy and the beginnings of the iconic toy manufacturer.

Today, Steiff continues to create all creatures great and small from a variety of fabrics including this season’s vibrant velvet Hansi parakeet, hand-stitched and painted in Steiff’s original 1910 factory.

Steiff 135 year Jubilee teddy bear

An example of Steiff’s quality products is the above 135 year Jubilee teddy bear, which is on sale for £199.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest cuckoo clocks

If you like the idea of having a cuckoo clock in your home then why not buy one from the home of the cuckoo clock: the Black Forest.

There are a variety of types of Black Forest cuckoo clocks available to buy such as the Black Forest Pendulum Clock, the Black Forest Swinging Doll clock or the Black Forest log cabin cuckoo clock.

It shouldn’t be hard to find stores selling traditional Black Forest cuckoo clocks in the area as there is virtually one in every town or city.

Image Credit: Delft Pottery, Erpet Bohemia Crystal, Herend, Steiff, Alpha (

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