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News > June 2017 > 6 Pavlova Recipes You Can Make at Home This Summer.

6 Pavlova Recipes You Can Make at Home This Summer.

You might not think Pavlova is a dessert with mysterious origins, but even now, the meringue marvel’s beginnings remain fairly shrouded as far as puddings go. Even the date of the dessert’s creation is up for dispute, some point to 1926 as the year of the premier pavlova, while some say 1935. 

Either way, we know it was named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she graced New Zealand in the 20s as part of her world tour. Since then, the country has adopted it as something of a national dish. In fact, it’s safe to say it’s an obsession: in 2005, university students created the world’s largest pavlova at 64 metres long, beating the previous record by 19 metres.

New Zealand is one of our favourite tour destinations, and with summer in full swing, we’ve asked some of our favourite food experts and bloggers to tell us about their best-loved pavlova recipes. Take a look and give them a go for a delicious finish to your summer eating.

1. Wilde Orchard

Professional chef Debs replaces the traditional strawberries and kiwi fruit with delightfully decadent salted caramel, adding a sumptuous marble effect to the crunchy meringue. She says:

"I always use French meringue to make these beauties because I just find they have a lovely shine, but keep that marshmallowy texture inside. What better than incorporating cooled, melted chocolate and a silky salted caramel sauce with my favourite meringue, all the good stuff. An additional topping which tastes amazing is roasted peanuts."

Try her recipe for chocolate salted caramel pavlova, here

Image courtesy of: Wilde Orchard

2. The Modern Proper

The treasured memories of her friends back in Texas inspired Holly’s pavlova recipe, collaborating with her old friend Natalie to create this delicious take on the dessert. Holly writes:

"This dish is perfect as a dessert or equally as good to enjoy over a summery afternoon tea with friends. The combination of meringue, vanilla cream and passion fruit curd works perfectly as do the mixture of textures. Top with raspberries for extra flavour.”

Perfect for big get-togethers, share in the comfort with her recipe.

Image courtesy of: The Modern Proper

3. Fuss Free Flavours

Crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside, Helen’s version of the classic foregoes the fruit, opting for a fluffy cloud of cappuccino cream and coffee syrup drizzle. She writes:

"Pavlova is one of the easiest and most satisfying puddings to make. A crispy shell with a soft and slightly chewy marshmallowy interior, topped with a cloud of whipped cream is a joy to see and then eat! A really simple way to vary the flavour of a pavlova is to use different sugars – here muscovado sugar gives the meringue a subtle toffee flavour and golden colour.”

Like the sound of that? Take a look at her recipe here.

Image courtesy of: Fuss Free Flavours

4. Little Loaf


The deep hues of blood orange and pistachio brighten up these dainty pavlovas from Kate’s kitchen. Regular oranges work just as well too, and if pistachios aren’t to hand, flaked almonds or grated chocolate can be used instead. She says:

"A large pavlova makes the perfect centrepiece for a dinner party, but I prefer these individual little beauties. The ratio of crisp, sweet meringue to the cloud of lightly whipped cream is spot on, plus you don't have to share with anyone else. Blood oranges are especially pretty and delicious - if you can get your hands on them. If not, use slices of regular orange or other seasonal fresh fruit."

Whether you’re treating family and friends or making them just for yourself, why not try Kate’s recipe here.

Image courtesy of: Little Loaf

5. Baking Queen 74

More on the classic side of things, pops of pomegranate seeds make Lucy’s Bake Off-inspired dessert a must-try. She says:

“Pretty swirls of meringue and whipped cream adorn this delicious and summery dessert which is perfect for a picnic or barbecue with friends. The pomegranate seeds are reminiscent of tiny jewels and the chunks of kiwi glisten like precious jade stone. Marshmallowy in the centre and crisp to bite into, you’ll be the bake-off winner for sure when you serve this up as your dessert centrepiece. A few meringue kisses on the side will certainly be popular with children too!

Want to give it a try? You’ll find Lucy’s amazing recipe here.

Image courtesy of: Baking Queen 74

6. Franglais Kitchen

Adapted from culinary queen Nigella’s recipe, Nazima’s chocolate-infused pavlova adds a luxurious richness for an indulgent twist on the classic. Nazima writes:

“The sweet, fragrant raspberries mix perfectly with the chocolate, and since they’re so small, they make perfect little treats if you’re a little bit hungry on a summer’s day”.

Try her recipe here.

Have these recipes tempted more than just your taste buds? Discover more information about New Zealand and our escorted tours here, or for booking information, call our helpful sales team on 0808 274 1366.




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