Keith Haring exhibition to open in San Francisco

The pop art work of the 80s icon will be celebrated at the museum until February 16th 2015, and is the first major showing of the artist’s work for almost 20 years. Reaching celebrity status similar to the likes of Andy Warhol, who Haring in fact became friends with, his distinguishable style has remained popular in the art world.

Featuring more than 170 works of art, visitors such as those in San Francisco on escorted tours of America can view large-scale paintings and a number of the artist’s subway drawings. At the entrance to the museum in Golden Gate Park, one of Haring’s giant sculptures will also be placed, which is untitled but shows three of his iconic colourful dancing figures.

Exploring politics with art

‘The Political Line’ exhibition will include pieces that have not been shown since his untimely death in 1990, when Haring passed away from AIDs at just 31 years old. A number of his works capture his efforts of creating awareness about the disease spectrum, and will feature alongside Haring’s pieces that explore racial inequality, capitalism and his obsession with television and computers.

In his lifetime he painted on the Berlin Wall, a BMW convertible and even decorated singer Grace Jones’ body, and was well known for creating pieces in public subways so that he could bring his artwork directly to people without an intervening third party. Characteristics of his creations include barking dogs, sci-fi flying saucers, crawling babies and happy dancing people, all in a colourful cartoon style.

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