LA & New York top tourism rankings

The study was produced by Resonance, an international consultancy group, and as part of their research they examined the number of Fortune 500 HQs and rankings from travellers on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, as well as researching the number of direct flights to the cities.

The likes of New York and Los Angeles are common destinations on most escorted America tours and this latest study has proven their popularity.

The study reveals that both the Big Apple and the City of Angels are becoming more and more popular with Chinese visitors, with an estimated two million visitors from China expected to travel to Los Angeles in 2020.

The study by Resonance revealed that New York was the best US city to visit for the best quality hotels, food and drink, culture and performance. Los Angeles, on the other hand, was revealed as the best city for shopping in the whole of the US.

San Fran & Las Vegas feature in list

With such big cities as Los Angeles and New York occupying the top two positions it came as a slight surprise that Dallas/Fort Worth was named in third place.

The rest of the top 25 tourism and business destinations in the US saw Chicago ranked fourth in the list, followed by San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Denver, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Orlando, Phoenix, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Austin, Tucson and Kansas.

This latest study ties in with an article on Capital, which revealed that New York has spent $161 million on advertising to promote tourism and business in the city since 2011. This has clearly helped, with visitors to the Big Apple expected to reach 55.8 million this year alone.

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