LA looks forward to 50 million visitors in 2020

This ambitious, but now realistic, target was laid out by the President and CEO of LA Tourism, Ernest Wooden Junior, at a recent Tourism Week event, as described in this article.

The target comes on the back of what was a truly extraordinary last year, which saw approximately 41.4 million people descend on the West Coast city to sample its many delights – more than have ever been seen before. In fact, 2012 was the year which marked not only the highest overall visitor figures, but also the highest number of domestic, international and hotel guests seen in the history of the City of Angels.

Confidently stating that he and his colleagues are 'prepared to reach new heights' in catering for such a large cross-section of visitors in the future, Wooden went on to say that they specifically 'expect to grow more UK visitors to LA' over the next few years.

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