Las Vegas voted second best honeymoon destination

The research, which looked at the USA’s 100 most popular destinations, looked at criteria such as weather conditions, cost and, of course, how romantic the area is. 

Las Vegas is a popular destination for USA tours from the UK because of its number of attractions, but it is also renowned for being the gambling capital of the world and the marriage capital of the world. Now, Sin City has another string to add to its impressive bow.

Las Vegas ranks highly for activities

Las Vegas was ranked as the second best city for activities and came fifth in the list for being the most romantic city in the US.

Another main criteria in the research was affordability, with the average honeymoon costing thousands of pounds. The WalletHub study says that a destination that can help keep costs down will become more and more important for couples in the future.

So Las Vegas ranking as the second best city for affordability with its cheap four-star hotels, rental car prices and restaurants being particularly commended means the city could become even more popular with honeymooners in years to come.

The warm Las Vegas weather also ranked highly and the city was voted as having the 34th best weather conditions in the whole of the US.

Overall, Chicago was ranked as the best destination for a honeymoon in the US with Las Vegas coming in just behind in second.

Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Honolulu, Boston, Washington, San Diego and Seattle all made up the top 10 list for the best honeymoon destinations in the US.

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