Lauren Bacall exhibition now open in New York

Put together by student curators at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s museum, the new intimate exhibit is scheduled to run through until April 4th and can be visited by those in New York on tours of the USA. Over the years, Bacall donated more than 700 items of her clothing to the FIT, which the students have narrowed down in order to showcase the best.

The iconic actress was also known as ‘The Look’, which is where the exhibition gets its name, and her relationship with fashion covers her work as a model, muse, and friend to couturiers all over the world. There will also be archival photos and interviews, magazine covers, and sketches on display to compliment the dozen or so looks from both her personal and professional wardrobe.

Telling the story of Lauren Bacall’s life with fashion

The exhibition comes just over six months since her death at 89 years of age, yet artefacts in the museum go back as far as her teens, when she first appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in 1943. There is also a copy of Vogue in 1959, which is accompanied by a description of the actress in the article, reading “Lauren Bacall looks the way most American women yearn to look; the way that stops men – American and otherwise – smack in their tracks."

Highlights of the exhibition include a fuchsia pink mini-dress by Pierre Cardin, which is distinguishable by its moulded pyramid design fabric, which the designer later named ‘Cardine’ due to the way it could keep its shape. The collection also includes Norell’s famous tan ‘Subway’ coat, which looks simple from the outside, yet has a hand-sewn sequin lining, with a matching sheath dress underneath.

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