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The hidden gems of Lyon

Whether you are on one of the unrivalled all-inclusive French river cruises that commonly stop-off in Lyon or are just visiting the city as part of a European tour, you can expect to see a number of hidden attractions.

The article from the Conference & Incentive Travel website gives a definitive list of some hidden attractions in Lyon and their amazing tours and here we take you through the top three.

Lyon National Opera House

Whilst millions of people on Australian tours flock to see the Sydney Opera House, the Lyon National Opera house is somewhat of a secret treat.

Not as well publicised or promoted as other parts of Lyon, the Lyon National Opera house is a hugely impressive building which was built back in 1993.

The national opera house has five levels underground and a further six levels beneath a jaw-dropping glass dome, which can all be discovered by joining in on its daily guided tours.

Click here to visit the Lyon National Opera House website.

Decorative Arts Museum

The Hotel de la Croix, also known as the Decorative Arts Museum, gives visitors an insight into an 18th century French family home.

If you are on one of the special river cruises in Lyon and have a day-off from your tour’s itinerary then you can head on one of the Decorative Arts Museum’s daily tours which also visits Lyon’s Fabric Museum.

Take a look at the Decorative Arts Museum here.

The Salons of City Hall

A real hidden gem is the Salons of City Hall, which is one of Lyon’s finest historical monuments.

There are a number of great tours available where visitors can take in the monument’s classical architecture, baroque-painted decors, stucco, gilding and garlands.

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