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May 2016

Helpful news from us at Scenic throughout May

Following the redesign of our French river cruise ships, we have introduced a new feature; Scenic Culinaire. 


After unearthing authentic cultural happenings, what is the next attribute the discerning traveller looks for in a foreign getaway? History and heritage? Hospitable locals? Or the opportunity to sample fresh, locally produced cuisine which introduces new flavours and sensations to the palate? 


Clean, affluent and prosperous; the global city-state of Singapore has come a long way since gaining its independence from Malaysia half a century ago. Boasting one of the world’s busiest travel hubs, which handles millions of passengers each year, and home to a raft of unique heritage attractions, this is a nation whose cultural significance belies its small stature. 


Travelling to far-flung corners of the globe is an experience few would say “no” to. From discovering Tasmania’s foodie highlights to exploring the brightly-coloured markets of Pisac, Peru, everyone has a dream destination that they’ve always wanted to visit.

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