Melbourne city centre to become smoke-free

Following a successful trial that banned people from smoking on a street near the city centre in Melbourne, the local council have now revealed that they are looking at making a wider smoking ban across the city centre.

The plans would mean that anyone caught smoking in a banned area would be given an on-the-spot-fine and would be warned not to smoke in the area again.

Six smoke-free sites to be created first

Some people believe the idea of a smoking ban across parts of Melbourne to be a great idea as it could make the city more pleasurable for those on opulent Australia tours and for those working in the areas that would become smoke-free areas.

Local Melbourne councillor Richard Foster revealed that there could be up to six smoke-free sites set-up across the city centre of Melbourne before the plan is then rolled out across the whole of Melbourne’s city centre.

He told the Mail Online, “We plan on having six smoke free sites over the next financial year and eventually move to make the CBD (central business district area) smoke-free in two years.”

The initiative would mean that workers in the city centre, pedestrians and diners on the city centre’s footpaths would all be at risk of receiving fines if caught in the act of lighting up a cigarette.

Councillor Richard Foster, added, “I think we're going to actually attract people to Melbourne by being one of the first in the world to go smoke-free.”

The plans will also see small shelters being erected across the city centre of Melbourne, which will be areas dedicated for workers and others in the area to smoke in.

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