Melbourne to have own Serpentine pavilion

The pavilion is set to become Melbourne’s version of the Serpentine in London and will be designed by the world-renowned architect Sean Godsell. He has won a number of awards for his work during his career and this project is expected to be one of his best.

Visitors who are on guided tours of Australia and New Zealand will be able to enjoy a number of activities that are planned to take place at the pavilion.

These plans have not all been finalised, but the pavilion, which will open from October 6th-January 31st in 2015, will host a number of events that are focused on culture and architecture.

Pavilion to become a major attraction

The new pavilion will be built as part of the 2014 Melbourne Festival and will put on a number of cultural events for visitors to enjoy once the building work has been completed.

One of the events that has been confirmed to take place will be a four-month programme offering visitors free talks, performances and cultural workshops.

The designs for the pavilion have recently been released by the architect and they show that the pavilion in Melbourne will be a steel structure that has a glazed roof and a fully automated outer skin, which will provide shade and shelter but allow sunlight to filter through it at the same time.

Godsell said, “The design will incorporate an innovative construction with wall and roof panels that open and close on pneumatic arms.

“This fully automated ‘outer skin’ means that the pavilion will ‘open’ each morning and ‘close’ at the end of the day in a number of different configurations.”

Naomi Milgrom, whose idea it was to build a pavilion in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens, was apparently inspired by the Serpentine pavilion in London.

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