Melbourne tops the list as “most liveable” city in the world… again

Melbourne at Night

For the fifth year in a row, the Australian city of Melbourne has been called the world's most liveable city.

In a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the city received a near perfect score on the liveability survey conducted in 140 cities around the world. The survey seeks to measure cities in their handling of healthcare, education, economic and social stability, cultural events and offerings, their environmental policy, and infrastructure systems.

Out of 100 possible points, Melbourne achieved a score of 97.5, just shy of perfection.

"Those that score best tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density," the EIU report said. "These can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure."

After Melbourne, the top cities were Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto, with Adelaide, Australia and Calgary, Canada tied in the fifth spot. Seven of the top 10 scoring cities were in Australia and Canada.

Melbourne is Australia's fastest-growing capital and the only city in the world to have won the title five consecutive times. Local officials have noted that international visits have increased by 8 per cent in the last five years. In response to the accolade, the Victorian Government said it would "never be complacent". There are currently plans for investing over £9 billion in transport infrastructure and nearly £2.5 billion in healthcare and education. The goal of the spending is to create a stronger economy.

"Melbourne has the best of everything and this title proves it," Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said to The Washington Post. "Perfect scores in health care, education and infrastructure, culture, environment and sport are all proof there's no place like Victoria."

Often called the country’s cultural heart, Melbourne is a favourite stop on luxury escorted tours of Australia. Visitors often rave about its vibrancy and never suffer from a lack of choices for memorable activities.

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