Museum dedicated to chocolate opens in Brussels

Chocolate is just one of the many delights that those on a cruise with Scenic Tours able to see the best of the Netherlands too. Belgium is a fitting location for this wonderful museum as the ‘country of chocolate’ is home to many esteemed brands such as Cote d’Or, Godiva, Leonidas and Neuhaus. 

Visitors are invited to come along to the Belgian Chocolate Village in Brussels and learn all about the history of the confectionery, visit the Willy Wonka-style factory and explore the cocoa tree jungle. Housed in a former biscuit and chocolate factory that closed in 1969, those who visit can see how chocolate is made, as well as getting to taste a variety of different flavours.

The history, culture and tradition of chocolate

The museum’s designer, Henri Dupuis, invited people to come and discover ‘the Belgian passion for chocolate’ and its origins, which is explored in depth in the museum. The story begins in Central America with the Maya and Aztec Indians who used to consume cocoa as a drink, and continues right through to modern day, which sees Belgium produce more than 172,000 tonnes of chocolate each year.

One of the highlights of the museum is the tropical greenhouse, with real cocoa and banana trees growing inside, as well as pepper and vanilla plants to name just a few.

The confectionery is also said to differ from country to country, and visitors can discover their preferences, which range from Belgian pralines to Swiss milk chocolate. Not only this, there’s also a gift shop that boasts a whole variety of chocolaty products, the perfect souvenir of a trip to the country.

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