Must Pack Items for a River Cruise

must pack items
Given what you’ll need to pack for a river cruise varies greatly depending on where you’re travelling, what time of year you’re departing and the duration of the tour; packing in preparation of an upcoming cruise requires ample forethought. 
To help you determine what and not to pack for your Scenic river cruise, we’ve provided a list of the must-pack items you’ll need to squeeze into your suitcase ahead of embarkation. 

Comfortable, Casual Clothing

Before you begin upending your closet into your case, we’d recommend reading our FAQ page for information on our on-board dress code. Unlike other lines, we don’t operate a strict clothing policy, and are happy for guests to wear comfortable, casual attire that’s suitable for relaxing aboard the ship and sightseeing onshore. However, should you wish to attend one of our special Enrich events, formal attire may be required — depending on the activity in question. 

Sturdy Footwear

As you’ll spend a large portion of your trip exploring extraordinary destinations on your own two feet, we’d recommend packing one or two pairs of sturdy and comfortable footwear. Sightseeing is a tiring endeavour — albeit, an exciting one — and packing the right pair of shoes will make all the difference when traversing rough or uneven ground.   

Local Currency or Credit/Debit Card

While it’s rare that you’d require currency aboard your Scenic Space-Ship, it’s certainly useful to have a few local notes to hand when visiting the destinations on your tour’s itinerary. If you’re reluctant to carry foreign currency, purchases can be made via most major credit or debit cards — although you should be aware that a minimum spend often applies in restaurants, cafes and bars.   

Camera and Additional Memory Cards

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t neglect to pack ahead of your Scenic river cruise, it’s a camera. Over the course of your trip you’ll witness innumerable extraordinary sights and experiences, many of which you’ll be keen to document and enjoy in the future. In fact, we’d recommend carrying two or more memory cards in your camera bag, in case you get overly snap-happy.

A Small Handbag or Backpack

As a handy supplement to your main suitcase, it’s a good idea to take a small handbag, backpack or satchel to carry any essential items you might need when away from the ship. Whichever bag you choose, make sure it’s sturdy and waterproof, and secure enough to carry all of your valuables safely. 

City Guidebook and Map

For those keen to strike out unaided during their river cruise, a city guidebook and map are essential. With a variety of different guidebooks available catering to different interests and tastes, it’s possible to enjoy a tour and excursion like no other. If you’d prefer not to be weighted down with various guides and maps, remember — with Scenic Tailormade, we’ll provide you with a handheld GPS touring device which features an interactive map and specialist commentary, so you can better navigate foreign enclaves. 

Waterproofs and Cold Weather Accessories

Depending on the destination and time of travel, it’s a good idea to pack cold weather accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves — to ensure complete comfort against the elements. Even in warmer climes, bad weather can strike at a moment’s notice, so we’d also suggest carrying waterproof gear such as an umbrella or hooded anorak.  

Books, Magazines or Personal Entertainment 

Between exploring exciting global destinations, you’ll enjoy plenty of downtime which you can spend however you choose — be it immersing yourself in a good book or making the most of the on-board amenities. With any leftover space remaining in your case, why not stow away a couple of books, a copy of your favourite magazine or a personal entertainment device; perfect for those quiet moments of me time. 

Translation Books

Immersing yourself in foreign culture is the main draw for most who book a river cruise, but doing so effectively rests on the ability to understand the local language (at least partially). Carrying a translation book (or using a translation app) is the ideal way to fully engage with local people and their customs — not to mention order a meal in a restaurant without fear of embarrassment. 

Power Plug Adapter

In order to charge devices and use small appliances in your cabin, you’ll need to pack an appropriate plug travel adapter. Each and every cabin aboard our Space-Ships is supplied with a 220v electricity supply, so you can charge your smartphone, laptop or tablet and make use of any other small devices required during your trip. 
Now you know how to pack for a river cruise, it’s time to enjoy one. If you’re yet to reserve your place on a luxury river cruise from Scenic, visit our homepage to browse our complete selection of upcoming tours, or call us today on 0808 301 7701.