New 20,000 seated stadium to be built in Washington

If the green light is given then the new 20,000-seated stadium will be built at Buzzard Point and will host all of the club’s MLS fixtures, as well as potentially being a venue for other activities such as gigs.

This news could be beneficial to tourism in the area as people on USA escorted tours could enjoy an authentic American football game or concert in great new facilities.

Many hurdles lie ahead

Despite sources close to the plans stating that discussions are coming to a successful close, the deal will need to be approved by the D.C. Council before local Mayor Vincent C. Gray leaves his role at the end of 2014.

The initial plans that were announced late last year remain the same, with $150 million of the $300 million project being paid for by the district government.

The stadium plans have received mixed responses, with some locals living in the area unhappy about having to partly pay for the stadium to be built, whilst other nearby residents feel that the creation of the stadium will bring more visitors to the area and potentially more money to the surrounding area.

City administrator Allen Y. Lew is set to send the land deals and the agreement with D.C. United football club to the council in a package this week and it is expected that the council will then consider the proposed plans sometime in July.

A date for a final decision on the new stadium plans has not been revealed, but is expected within the next couple of months.

If the stadium does get the go-ahead then local residents in the area and in Washington, as well as holidaymakers visiting the US capital, could see the stadium built in time for the start of D.C. United’s 2017 MLS season.

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